August newsletter: New services & possibilities

August newsletter: New services & possibilities

it has been a while since you received one of our newsletters, but behind the scenes we have been working hard to build new online options and improve your shopping experience. We always try to give the best service as possible and hope that these new tools expand our service even further.

Always up to date of your order status
You always can find the actual status of your order via your account. Log in to your account. At the account-dashboard, you can find an overview of your orders under “Recent orders”, with the status of your most recent orders. It also lists the expected delivery time of your purchases, calculated from the day after your order. With this handy extension, you know when to expect your order even before it is shipped. Hint: this option is also available via tablet and smartphone.
New checkout
Our checkout becomes even more convenient. During this month, the one step checkout will be implemented, which makes it possible to fill in your data, payment options and shipment options in one page. This means you do not have to click through all the time, and that you can view all information at a glance.
Actual overview of our stocks
Celtic Britain developed a new stock management system, that gives our actual stocks for the largest part of our assortment. This reduces the chance that you place an order for which items are no longer available. When an item is sold out, you can choose to receive a notification via e-mail when it is available again.
Delivery time filter
As a large part of our assortment is custom made and our stocks are located in different warehouses over Europe, we offer a new tool specially developed for urgent orders. This will become available in the next three weeks.
When you need your order within a certain time frame, you can filter our entire assortment on the delivery time that suits your needs. This only lists the items that we can ship within the chosen time. Please note that the actual delivery time is given in the product description itself and do not forget to let us know when you need your order.
Hint: the longer the chosen delivery time, the more diversity we can offer. That is why this filter is specifically suited for urgent orders.
Questions on a product?
You know the feeling, you are browsing our shop and you suddenly have a question on a product you are looking at. When you click at ‘Contact us about this product’, you first have to tell us which product you’d like more information on. It would be more handy when this wouldn’t be necessary, and when we’d know directly which item your enquiry is about. We are working on this! Shortly, you can ask your questions directly from the product page. This means the message is automatically forwarded to the correct person and we can answer you faster.
Celtic Britain France
Good news for our French and Walloon friends. Celtic Britain is working on her French webshop. We will keep you up to date with all developments via the newsletter.


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